Dubai’s Palm Oasis Park

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Park brings together a mix of 39 varieties of date palm trees, gathered from all the seven Emirates

Akar, a landscape contractor with presence across GCC, has completed the Palm Oasis Park Project valued at Dh24 million.

The park will help increase ecological footprint of Dubai that is witnessing the plantation of 27 million seedlings around buildings and junctions to improve environment.

Dubai is spending Dh6 billion to develop 12,000 hectares of urban greenery including nine public parks at a cost of Dh77 million – that will increase the supply of oxygen and help environment, according to the official announcement by Dubai Municipality at the fourth edition of the Middle East Smart Landscape Summit-2016.

The Palm Oasis Project will welcome visitors this summer — completed on schedule, it was launched in Q1 of 2016 — and adds 7.5 hectares of green space to the city, largely in the form of artificial lakes, cafeteria, playgrounds for children with special needs, a Pergola with a Barasti among many.

In addition, the Palm Oasis Park brings together an unrivalled mix of 39 varieties of date palm trees, carefully gathered from all the seven Emirates to be housed in one park.

With an eco-friendly theme, the park has been designed to make use of solar energy to power up its lighting system. A total of 1,240 palm trees were planted in the park, in addition to 60 ornamental trees and 32,979 ornamental shrubs.

According to Dubai Municipality officials, “Palm Oasis Park is one of the most important projects for the Dubai Municipality for 2016.”

Rajaram Subedi, Director of Landscaping, Akar, said: “Palm Oasis Park is a canvas of 39 varieties of date palms utilising solar energy as the primary power source and comprising of a beautiful feature such as a lake with a timber bridge, a Falaj with running water, a Pergola with a Barasti among many. It’s an achievement for the Akar team to complete the complex design in with perfection and truly represent the client’s vision.”

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